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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a delight

to sit on the balcony and experience the magic of those precious hours of daybreak when all day projects seem realisable and when I can be by myself surroundd by the the joyful trilling of the blackbird  signalling "It´s my home here, I´m happy!"

Drinking my morning coffee my day begins with reading a short story, a very short one. At the moment it´s again one of Margaret Attwoods collection The Tent.

Next on my programme is an English lesson given  to myself  by myself.

In the meantime the sun burst out and it shines over the rock face of the neighbor islend, Krk.

I hear the fishermans boat returning with its fish traps and long lines.

Soon the fisher will sell the night catch on his stall at the market. Should I run down and by some fish for dinner? Now it´s time to beginn realising my day projects. First - breakfast.


  1. Ah, napokon mi opet funkcioniraju komentari! Klenovica! Divno mjesto i vjerujem da će to biti divan odmor. Imala sam tamo prijateljicu (u stvari, prijateljicu imam još uvijek, ali je preselila nakon udaje) i iako U Klenovici dugo nisam bila,za to mjesto me vežu samo lijepe uspomene. Hvala na informaciji u vezi podloge. Uživaj!

  2. What a beautiful home you have. I have to admit I'm very jealous of the view you enjoy while drinking your coffee. Someday I hope I'll live in a place like that.