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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Neighbors are a Blessing

There are  many people nowdays who don´t know the name, age or pofession of their neighbors. Well known is possibly only the number of yelling children. Many of them say  "Hallo" when meeting someone  on the staircase or in the elevator without knowing that She or He lives next door. It´s a fact to lament but it could be changed. It´s much nicer to be a part of a community then to be an anonymous among strangers.

We are lucky here in our small holiday community in Klenovica. We have been knowing each other for years, we share parts of our life with our neighbors without disturbing each other or intruding in privacy. Yesterday, while gardening in my rock garden my neighbor Jozica showed up with a plate of fresh figs, my favorite fruit.

And today an other friend, Duska, brought dried  lavander for my wardrobes. The air in my appartement is now fragrant with its smell.

 Besides lavander she brought  some fabrics and lace and asked me if I would sew gift bags for her lavander.

I´ll do it with pleasure. We are friends and are pleased to do favors to each other. Good neighbor relations are a real  blessing for a community.


  1. u potpunosti se slažem s tekstom, a ova potpuri vrećica je jako slatka :) :)

  2. You are so right. Having good neighbors sure does make life nicer. I'm lucky to have good neighbors too, well with the exception of one. But the rest of the neighborhood is wonderful! Infact we are all celebrating together tonight for the 4th of July!

    Cute little bags!