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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reborn Cadrigan

Decades ago I knited the cardigan for my husband (how young we were in those days!), and then on  a cold winter day he leant against a hot stove and the cardigans back was burnt.  Recently I found it in the storage, felt its softness, sliped into it and was surprised  how good it fitted my present figure
The ugly yellowish patch had to be concealed. I made it this way.

It took some hours but the result payed it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We Went to an Exhibition

Nina and myself  visited the exhibition "College Puppets" at The Zagreb City Museum. Twenty puppets, made by students of Pre-School Education at the Faculty of Teacher Education were exposed in one of the shaw rooms.
Each of us saw them with different criteria. While I chose the group of figures as my favorite,

Nina liked the stork and the frog,

the crocodile and the wolf,

the princess

and her prince,

but the cat was her favorite by far.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New Beauty

Some month ago I bought a hand designed fabric from Salzano´s on Etsy with the purpose to make a tote out of it.  Today  I realised my  idea.
Thank you, Jelena, I followed  your advice, took purple for the  back and linig and the result is outstanding!

The picture shaws mushrooms on an lake shore and their reflection in the water.  I  added some  air bubbles and pebbles in form of beads and metal  sparkles.

There are two other mushrooms on the back side and the third on the pocket inside the bag.

I´ll wear my tote to carry books, fabrics, wool and such fine things - no way for groceries.
There are other painted fabrics in Salzano´s shop. One of them is quite a temptation. Should I.... ?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nina is Back to School

We had a long, hot summer.  Nina spent it at her foster family in the contry. I sent her letters and phoned her, but we havn´t met for about two months - a long time - and I could not wait to see her again.
I visited her the first school day. Good God, what a joy it was when I sew her running twords me on her schools playground.

Promptly dressed we went to my place, because we had a lot to do. Ninas two years old friend, Zara, had her birthday the next day. We were about to make a birthday cake.

and to write a birthday card. 

Nina attends a school for handicapped children. She is in the fourth grade, but writing is still a problem for her. So she merely copied what I had wrote.

At the birthday party Nina and Zara are together blowing at the candels. There is Zaras mam, Azra, in the background. Azra is a exceptional person and merits a special blogpost.

The party was over and the streretcar brings us home. Altogether it was  was a delightful experiece.
Maybe it will be saved in Ninas memory and will brighten one of her future rany days.

Book Cover

A lovely baby girl was born. Her name is  Neva.  I had been  asked by my friend to make the cover for a book acquired in  a secondhand bookstore. My Croatian followers will know  it -  "Priče iz davnine" by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. In a particular story the characters are the little girl Neva and the Sun. 

Here how I composed it:

and  on the back

It took severel hours to create the  chirpy girl - to braid strings for her arms and legs, to put  beads in her hair, to compose the Sun out od spiraled silk thread...

 My Neva is born. I like her very much.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Make a Gift Bag

It was not my idea to make my own gift bags - I was inspired by a blogpost I had read the other day. As I have got piles of back National Geographics copies and  can´t discard them because of interesting articles and beautiful photos, I decided to use them in a new way. After  some failed attempts  I managed it a last and will now share my know-how with  you.
My friends favorite  colour is orange so I chose  a satelite image of  the Sun.

1. Choose a suitable photo and if necessary  paste carefully severel parts together to obtain the needed  size.

2. On the back side draw the design of the future bag. The measurements  depend of the  purpose.

Beginn from the  middle line. My sheet was 34 cm wide. On each side  from the middle line I measured 6,3 -1,5 - 1,5 cm an drew 6 vertical lines to the  top and one horizontal line 3 cm from the bottom.

3. Fold the paper along the lines and on the bottom side cut out  four pinching trianglss 3 cm high.

4. Paste the  back side.

5. Form the button and paste the parts together.

6. Trim in shape the top of the gift bag.

All you have to do now is to put the special gift for your special friend in your special gift bag.