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Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Marc

We were traveling the lengh and breadth of Tasmania - the six of us: our two daughters, their partners, my husband and me.

 What a magical patch of the Earth! Tasmania's  landscapes are so different of what we are used to seeing in Europe.

 The plants and animal life so specific for Australia and Tasmania.
 It was somehow as beeing in the wonderworld.
One sunny morning we were heading towards Hobart.  All was perfect  until around the curve a flock of hundreds of sheep appeared approaching us. What now?
Marc, a relatively new member of our family, was driving. What will his reaction be?
 Rudeness? - No.- Cross words? - No.  Nervousness? Agitation?
 Marc slowed down to pedestrian pace, opened the window, smiled, waved to the sheep in a friendly way,  talked to them, nicknamed them, ...
 And the whole flock gave way continuing in its direction - slowely, peacefuly, munching, ...

It was quite an adventure. It could have been a stressful one but thanks to Marc's good nature and his kindeness it turned out to be a funny one.
Thank you, Marc. You have passed a very importent exsam.  Love you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunrise in Melbourne, January 2011

At down, while the most were still deep in dreams,  my friend Jasminka and I got up to watch the sunrise. At 05.00 a.m. it was still pitch-dark, but then ....
we could see patches of blue sky with dark clouds,
it was getting  brighter and brighter,
almost day,
and the adventure of the new day began for all of us and even for this little bird.

Monday, May 23, 2011

CST Members Chatting in Muzungu

I´m so proud,  it was my idea to call te first live meeting of CST members. We met in the  cozy Cafe  Muzungu in Zagreb. It was so nice to see who hides  behind the familiar shopnames, to exchange our experiances and useful tips. We were all in high spirits. Befor living for summer holidays we plan one more  rendevous. It´s just a pity our etsy mates living outside the capital can´t join our next meetings as easily as we Zagreber can.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Fell in Love ....

with Lisabon

We, four friends and former teachers, decided to spend one week somewhere in Europe. No one  of us has ever been  in Lisabon, so it was easy to choose  our destination. Why? Portugal has a famous history, Lisabon is  know for its charm, Portugal has similar monetary problems as Croatia- so affordable -  and there is a direct  flight from Zagreb to Lisabon.

 Just after  our arrival at the aierport  we  experienced the closeness to the Portugues people. Luis, our landlord, was so friendly to pick us up from the airport and was helpful during the whole week.
 We had the opportunity to see the remains od the Potuguise famous history. Great, bautiful, ... But what  is so near to my heart is the charm of the place - the easy-going attitude so common to the South.
 I had the chance to travel a lot. Not only in Europe but to America and Australia as well. Attractive and beautiful countries - charmning and exuisite.
But Lisabon is a place where I could spend my life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kindle Sleeve with a Magic Village, One of a Kind -Item

I like reading, bought a Kindle and sewed a sleeve for it. The closure wasn´t safe enough , my kindle slipped out and was  broken. Now a made a better version for my costumer on Etsy. Its beautiful, padded and  SAFE!