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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here you are again

with your pretty icons. My daughter Jelena, helped me to bring them back. She helps me when I´m confused in computer matters-  it happens often!
Jelena is a gifted artist in recycling antique furniture. After she has given them her personal  touch, her Poppyees are restored to a new, charming life. 
Here is one of her newest Poppyees. You can see other creations in  Jelenas shop Poppyseed on Etsy and on her blog Poppyseed creative living.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Dear Followers,

I made a mistake playing with my blog by klicking on the sign out button below the folower gadget. And - all your pretty icons were gone. Does anyone know how to get them back? I miss you!

Dunja :(, :(, :(

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Rainy Day in July

The high season on the Adriatic coast does not  guarantee every day sunshine. There are cold, rainy and gusty days  as well.  I tred to make the long hours sunny without sun.

It was raining the whole night with lightning and thunder. In the morning after it had stopped raining I  went to the post office to send a new letter to Nina

 and then I made a short hiking uphill on purpouse to collect manure for my rock garden. On my way home I had a basketful of „ pure, ecological, handpicked!“  horse manure - a priceless treasure that still can be find along Croatian country  roads.

In the afternoon I ocupaied myself creating a new sommer shopping bag for my neighbor Ivica,  a hobby fisherman,

and when my eyes had grewn tired I went in my garden,  mixed the collected manure with earth and sowed rucola in a prepared patch.

The evening was rather chilly. I spent it with my friends sitting  and chatting around the fire in our stone- hut.

I did it – I turned a rainy day to a day filled with sunshine, by living in accordance with the nature and my friends and doing  pleasure to them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My friends granddaughter celebrates her birthday today. My gift created for her - a bunch  fairy-tale flowers. Happy birthday, Zala dear!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading at Daybreak

It´s early in the morning. I´m back on my balcony in Klenovica after I have spent one week in Zagreb. And I´m reading - this time stories of Vladimir Nabokov. Short, pithy stories abundant with sonds and visual  impressions. In the  mids of it there are emigrants  from Imperial Russia - people wrenched out of their  country, their families and friends seeking  a breath of their old world. Masterly, beautifuly expressed sadness that affects ones heart.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Respect the Nature

Our holiday settlement was built abaut twenty years ago. Rows of houses, all with balconies turned to the blue sea and a stony plot around of them. We, the new settlers, comming from the inland began to turn the apartments to holiday homes and the plots to gardens according to the habits in home places. What a range of visions - rose gardens, orchards, green meadows, ....
Wagons of earth were transported from far away, trees and flowers were planted, gras sown, ... All attempts were doomed to failure until we looked around, made a selection of native plants,

filled the gaps in the rocks with earth and manure, waterd the shoots of the fragrant immotelle,

pruned the hornbeam, nursed the self grown maritime pine, planted and cultivated our rosemry

 and reduced our orchards to olives

and figues.

We lerned to respect the nature and now following its rules we can enjoy our happy gardens and happy plants thriving in harmony with  the sun and the winds of the charming Mediterranean climate.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Letters for Nina

Here are envelopes I made for Nina  following a tutrial. I can´t remember whose tutorial it was, but anyway, thanks to the author. Nina has already recived two of them and, so far her foster mothr told me, she was delighted.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a delight

to sit on the balcony and experience the magic of those precious hours of daybreak when all day projects seem realisable and when I can be by myself surroundd by the the joyful trilling of the blackbird  signalling "It´s my home here, I´m happy!"

Drinking my morning coffee my day begins with reading a short story, a very short one. At the moment it´s again one of Margaret Attwoods collection The Tent.

Next on my programme is an English lesson given  to myself  by myself.

In the meantime the sun burst out and it shines over the rock face of the neighbor islend, Krk.

I hear the fishermans boat returning with its fish traps and long lines.

Soon the fisher will sell the night catch on his stall at the market. Should I run down and by some fish for dinner? Now it´s time to beginn realising my day projects. First - breakfast.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Neighbors are a Blessing

There are  many people nowdays who don´t know the name, age or pofession of their neighbors. Well known is possibly only the number of yelling children. Many of them say  "Hallo" when meeting someone  on the staircase or in the elevator without knowing that She or He lives next door. It´s a fact to lament but it could be changed. It´s much nicer to be a part of a community then to be an anonymous among strangers.

We are lucky here in our small holiday community in Klenovica. We have been knowing each other for years, we share parts of our life with our neighbors without disturbing each other or intruding in privacy. Yesterday, while gardening in my rock garden my neighbor Jozica showed up with a plate of fresh figs, my favorite fruit.

And today an other friend, Duska, brought dried  lavander for my wardrobes. The air in my appartement is now fragrant with its smell.

 Besides lavander she brought  some fabrics and lace and asked me if I would sew gift bags for her lavander.

I´ll do it with pleasure. We are friends and are pleased to do favors to each other. Good neighbor relations are a real  blessing for a community.