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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Respect the Nature

Our holiday settlement was built abaut twenty years ago. Rows of houses, all with balconies turned to the blue sea and a stony plot around of them. We, the new settlers, comming from the inland began to turn the apartments to holiday homes and the plots to gardens according to the habits in home places. What a range of visions - rose gardens, orchards, green meadows, ....
Wagons of earth were transported from far away, trees and flowers were planted, gras sown, ... All attempts were doomed to failure until we looked around, made a selection of native plants,

filled the gaps in the rocks with earth and manure, waterd the shoots of the fragrant immotelle,

pruned the hornbeam, nursed the self grown maritime pine, planted and cultivated our rosemry

 and reduced our orchards to olives

and figues.

We lerned to respect the nature and now following its rules we can enjoy our happy gardens and happy plants thriving in harmony with  the sun and the winds of the charming Mediterranean climate.


  1. I love it when nature dictates what should be. Lovely garden

  2. our charming Mediterranean climate is the best :) :)