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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Rainy Day in July

The high season on the Adriatic coast does not  guarantee every day sunshine. There are cold, rainy and gusty days  as well.  I tred to make the long hours sunny without sun.

It was raining the whole night with lightning and thunder. In the morning after it had stopped raining I  went to the post office to send a new letter to Nina

 and then I made a short hiking uphill on purpouse to collect manure for my rock garden. On my way home I had a basketful of „ pure, ecological, handpicked!“  horse manure - a priceless treasure that still can be find along Croatian country  roads.

In the afternoon I ocupaied myself creating a new sommer shopping bag for my neighbor Ivica,  a hobby fisherman,

and when my eyes had grewn tired I went in my garden,  mixed the collected manure with earth and sowed rucola in a prepared patch.

The evening was rather chilly. I spent it with my friends sitting  and chatting around the fire in our stone- hut.

I did it – I turned a rainy day to a day filled with sunshine, by living in accordance with the nature and my friends and doing  pleasure to them.

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