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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sommer menu

Diner is served: tomato soup, barbecued meat and sausages, bolied cabbege (zelje na leso), and a glass of good red vine.
The soup is a modified rest over from the previous day´s stuffed green pepper. Delicious!

I prepared my cabbage in the morning after breakfast. It´s importent to  cook it in advance. In this way the various flavors can integrate by the serving time.
Here´s my recepe:
  1. Boil cabbage and some potatoes in salt water. Better if you use  Vegeta instead of salt.
  2. Strain the liquid. You can use it for a soup the same od the next day.
  3.  Still hot, season the cabbage with peper, persil, if necessary salt, and excellent oliv oil.
  4. Stir it carefully, cover with a lid and let the flavors integrate till serving time.

Short before serving we barbecued our meat in the stone hut in the garden. 

The hut is not only used for barbecuing but also as a favorite place for chatting, reading or napping.

In about 20 minutes our barbecue was ready. Some fresh tomatoes, a glas of wine and - Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two other Bread Sleeves

This one was a birthday present for Leon,

And that´s my slleve matching to other items in my  dining corner here in Klenovica.

Turned to the other side it looks like this.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Make a Bread Sleave / Basket

What you need is: two matching fabrics, thread, padding and temporary adhesiv.

The patern consists of a circle (mine circle had a diameter of 20 cm/8,9" and a rectangle. The short side od the rectangle corresponds with the hight od the future sleeve and the lenght with the product: diameter x 3,14. In my case 28cm x 62,8 cm /10,8" x 25,12"

Cut the fabrics and the padding, temporary more broadly, past the three layers (fabric, padding, fabric) with the adhesive and quilt it.

When finished with quilting cut the two parts in definitive form.

On the shorter side of the rectangle cut out the padding cca 1,5 cm and sew on mashine one layer of fabric.

Sew by hand the other layer. So, the cylinder for the sleeve is ready.


Fasten the circle to the cylinder first with pins and then stitch them.

Sew the seam on the mashine includig a bias-cut strip. Turn the stip and sew  it by hand on the other side.

On the open side if the cylinder sew a strip of one of the fabrics and turn it down.

That´s my bread sleeve at home - in Zagreb.


And it looks like this turnd on the other side. I had a remnant of the florial fabric and made a sandwich bag out of it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Table Set

After I had sewn a new table cloth and created fabric pictures for the dining-corner wall I was tempted to continue producing new items for the same purpose - imbellishing  our  holiday home. Out of fabric scraps a some new fabric I made four place mats and a round mat for a pot or a serving plate.

Each mat is duble faced,

and the table can be set in different ways.

or like this

When not in use the mats can hang on the wall.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping Bag for Ivica

It is ready to be delivered.

I hope he´ll like it as I enjoyed creating it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our New Dining Corner

Having planty of time during my holidays I decided to rearange the dining corner in our sommer home.
First a new table cloth made of beige cotton and trimmed with red fabric with floral pattern

There ware postcards in plane IKEA frames on one of the walls.  It was a temporary solution and it had to be changed. Out of  fabric, felt, buttons and metal chips I created little decorative pictures and put them in the same IKEA frames I had previously coloured in gold, red and black.

This one is my favirite.

The other wall remained unchanged.

And at the end my neighbor friend made me a gift of a matching candlestick.

Do you like it? I do - very much!