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Friday, June 3, 2011

How I´ve got fish to swim on my bag?

It´s almost every day that I wake up at dawn with the first birds singing in our garden. Still in half-sleep i try to check up my programm for the day. This and that has to be done ... And than a new idea hits me - Let sew a bag with fish! What kind of fish? What kind of bag? If I make the bag I´ll have to  postpone other tasks. Never mind, I like the fish-idea. Now hury, get up! The idea could have been forgoten in one hour time.

How does it start?
First look through all the places where fabrics, buttons, threads, ..... are stored
and heap them up. Quite a mass, isn´t it. Now select fabrics that fit best.

 These would be fine for the fish. As basic fabric I´m going to use white cotton.

 Parts of the bag are cut up: the body, pockets, straps

 and fish are ready to be appliqued.  May be some buttons ond pendants could be nice as decoration? I habe bought them recently from my friends shops, SandArts and craftzee.

 Here, the pockets are almost ready! But what would be better - like this

 or better this way?

Yes, that´s better. Now the only thing  I had to do was to sew the parts together. And here it is! Voilá! 

Was it easy to make it? Yes and no. It took  all together about three or four hours but it made fun.


  1. awwwwww, so pretty :-)

    odlične su mi nove fotke proizvoda u shopu ;-))

  2. Great job! Perfect for summer. Love it!

  3. Radovi su vam predivni, ceo blog odiše pozitivnim životnim stavom :)))!

  4. Wow! This is so lovely and God knows it would take me more than three or four hours!! Blue is my favorite color. I love the ocean and fish though I swim so poorly, I would drown if I were being too carefree.

  5. How beautifully you have shown your creation!

    YOur newest follower. Stopping by from the Etsy Success Team

  6. Hvala na posjeti mom blogu :)))
    Prekrasna torba! Jako mi se sviđaju ribice od tkanine!
    Lijep pozdrav

  7. Hvala vam svima na lijepim komentarima. Razveselili su me!

    Thank you, all of you, for the kind comments. You made me happy1

  8. baš su mi lijepe i vesele torbe sa ribicama

    your bags with fish are very pretty and playful
    to me