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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why in English?

Why do I write my blogs in English insted in Croatian? It would be so easy to  express myself in my mother language. It would be done in a few minutes. Insted of that I fight my way through grammer rules and dictionaries. While writing my desk looks like this :  computer screen with an open dictionary, paper, several glasses, because my eys are anymore adaptable, some other dictionaries on the bad next to my desk...
Well, why all that? There are two main reasons - English developed to an universal media. Almost everyone can undestand it. I can get more readers with a blog in English. After all, that´s the common reason why people  use English in their communication

The other reason is personal: As little girl, not even in school age, I saw Tarzan movies with  J. Weismuller acting Tarzan. He became my hero, and when my mam had explaind he was speking English I made my decission: I must learn English so a could visit Tarzan.

My mam had a hard life. She was a self-supporting mother and she had spent many hours at her sewing machine to pay my private English lessons. (How grateful I´m now for all her sacrifices!)  I was doing well for some years, but at the age of fifteen other priorities showed up and my English got forgotten -

until our two daughters left Croatia for Canada ad Australia. English  became an urgence now! Hurry, search your brain for traces of English.  I started to read National Geographics. What a nightmar! After I had finished  a page I didn´t know what I had read. Slowly, very slowely,  it got better and now I can read and undestand every text. But writing in English is still like doing a challenging homework. 
Well,  I was  language teacher -  I ´m stubborn - I must muster it!

I have been teaching  for almost fourty  years . Now my only student  is myself. As student  I can say I´m a amiable teacher - no punishements, no bad marks. But as teacher I admit there were much  better students in my  career. This last one is to sloppy, to inattentive, to thoughtles, to .....


  1. keep going like that - ako zatrebaš ikakvu pomoć, slobodno se javi, you r so great ( još da te eng kratice naučim i gdje će ti biti kraj :) :) )

  2. I am SO happy you are writing in English, so I can read your story! Saw the post on Etsy about you and your Etsy Team. Your story touched my heart, and I am now following your blog. WIll try to do a feature of your product on blog soon! Nice to meet you fellow Etsy Friend!!
    Brenda Salzano