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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet my Sweet, Belowed Friend Nina

That´s Nina in the age of six when I met her, four years ago, in the home for orphan and abused children in Zagreb. In her group she was the only one sitting without saying a word. It turned out she can´t pronouce words due tu some sirious injures in her early childhood. I arranged myself in the way I could visit the children twice a week and take one by one out  - to  the zoo, the children´s theatre, for a walk ..... Some of them were not free to go out with me because their parents  or relatives had came to visit them. Nina was always avalible - nobody visited her.

In the course of weeks I  became Nina´s teta Dunja (teta menas aunt in Croatian). Entering the children´s home I heared them calling: "Nina, teta Dunja came to visit you!" So everybody considered I belonged now to her and I was happy with this progress. For, I liked her from the first glace. She was, and still is, a sweet, gentle, little girl. 
Our relation became closer and closer. As for me, my emotions twords Nina  are grandma´s affections. I´m a "substitute" grany with the best wishes for her grandchild. And -  I have chosen NinasSmile for the name of my Etsy shop because I want very much she would smile in her future  life. 

There is also  a blog about Nina posted in Aprile.


  1. Teta Dunja dirnuli ste me do suza ...
    Zdravka Radić

  2. Vi ste zbilja dobra osoba. I mene je ovaj post dirnuo...

  3. So lovely to meet Nina! I hope to read more about you and your little friend!