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Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Marc

We were traveling the lengh and breadth of Tasmania - the six of us: our two daughters, their partners, my husband and me.

 What a magical patch of the Earth! Tasmania's  landscapes are so different of what we are used to seeing in Europe.

 The plants and animal life so specific for Australia and Tasmania.
 It was somehow as beeing in the wonderworld.
One sunny morning we were heading towards Hobart.  All was perfect  until around the curve a flock of hundreds of sheep appeared approaching us. What now?
Marc, a relatively new member of our family, was driving. What will his reaction be?
 Rudeness? - No.- Cross words? - No.  Nervousness? Agitation?
 Marc slowed down to pedestrian pace, opened the window, smiled, waved to the sheep in a friendly way,  talked to them, nicknamed them, ...
 And the whole flock gave way continuing in its direction - slowely, peacefuly, munching, ...

It was quite an adventure. It could have been a stressful one but thanks to Marc's good nature and his kindeness it turned out to be a funny one.
Thank you, Marc. You have passed a very importent exsam.  Love you!


  1. Interesting adventure... Marc obviously talks sheepish :=)

  2. Great post! You gave me little glance on Tasmania. Thank you

  3. I was in Tasmania during my last year in college. I absolutely loved it. Hobart is such a hip city.

    and oh my goodness, look at all those sheep, a very similar scene you might except in the Dalmatian region!