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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nina is Back to School

We had a long, hot summer.  Nina spent it at her foster family in the contry. I sent her letters and phoned her, but we havn´t met for about two months - a long time - and I could not wait to see her again.
I visited her the first school day. Good God, what a joy it was when I sew her running twords me on her schools playground.

Promptly dressed we went to my place, because we had a lot to do. Ninas two years old friend, Zara, had her birthday the next day. We were about to make a birthday cake.

and to write a birthday card. 

Nina attends a school for handicapped children. She is in the fourth grade, but writing is still a problem for her. So she merely copied what I had wrote.

At the birthday party Nina and Zara are together blowing at the candels. There is Zaras mam, Azra, in the background. Azra is a exceptional person and merits a special blogpost.

The party was over and the streretcar brings us home. Altogether it was  was a delightful experiece.
Maybe it will be saved in Ninas memory and will brighten one of her future rany days.

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  1. Such a wonderfull post. I'm sure Nina will always cherish the memories she makes with you... xoxo