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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New Beauty

Some month ago I bought a hand designed fabric from Salzano´s on Etsy with the purpose to make a tote out of it.  Today  I realised my  idea.
Thank you, Jelena, I followed  your advice, took purple for the  back and linig and the result is outstanding!

The picture shaws mushrooms on an lake shore and their reflection in the water.  I  added some  air bubbles and pebbles in form of beads and metal  sparkles.

There are two other mushrooms on the back side and the third on the pocket inside the bag.

I´ll wear my tote to carry books, fabrics, wool and such fine things - no way for groceries.
There are other painted fabrics in Salzano´s shop. One of them is quite a temptation. Should I.... ?


  1. Oh my , you did a fantastic job on this!!! I just love your beading and choice of colors!!! I will be posting links on my blog and feature you next week on my blog!!! Off to show my mum!

    Hugs always!

  2. Lijepo platno i izvrsna torbica posebno zbog šarene i jednobojne varijante...