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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sommer menu

Diner is served: tomato soup, barbecued meat and sausages, bolied cabbege (zelje na leso), and a glass of good red vine.
The soup is a modified rest over from the previous day´s stuffed green pepper. Delicious!

I prepared my cabbage in the morning after breakfast. It´s importent to  cook it in advance. In this way the various flavors can integrate by the serving time.
Here´s my recepe:
  1. Boil cabbage and some potatoes in salt water. Better if you use  Vegeta instead of salt.
  2. Strain the liquid. You can use it for a soup the same od the next day.
  3.  Still hot, season the cabbage with peper, persil, if necessary salt, and excellent oliv oil.
  4. Stir it carefully, cover with a lid and let the flavors integrate till serving time.

Short before serving we barbecued our meat in the stone hut in the garden. 

The hut is not only used for barbecuing but also as a favorite place for chatting, reading or napping.

In about 20 minutes our barbecue was ready. Some fresh tomatoes, a glas of wine and - Enjoy!

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