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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ninas Horsback Riding

 Last wekk I spent a wonderful afternoon - I accompanied Nina and her friends to a therapeutic riding lesson with KRILA.

KRILA is a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization located in Zagreb, which offers therapeutic riding to people with physical disabilities. KRILA in actionKRILA -- meaning 'wings' in Croatian -- makes this stimulating, safe and effective therapy available, to people with various disabilities from the greater Zagreb area. Their riding significantly improves their physical and psychological condition and enables them to participate in activities otherwise inaccessible to them.

The girls feel at home there and here they are preparing themself  for riding

Nina has chosen her favorite horse

It had to be prepared as well.


At last on the horseback.

Matea was frightend and the trainer tried in vain to persuade her to mount the horse.

But no chance, at last a substitute had to be found.

And after riding Ninas favorit  animal - the cat!


  1. I used to have horses and trained a couple. Animals are a awesome tool for helping people with all kinds of problems. What a precious story today, just loved the pictures ! Hope you get your package I sent soon! Hugs my friend!